Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

  • Serious Flu Symptoms to Look For

    Nobody likes getting sick. Thankfully, you are only likely to get the flu about twice every 10 years. While most flu viruses require little or no treatment, you may occasionally find yourself with an illness that should be evaluated by your primary-care physician. If you find yourself sick this year, then keep reading to learn about a few symptoms that should alert you to a more serious issue so you can make an immediate appointment with your doctor.

  • What You Need To Know About Diagnosing And Treating Lung Cancer

    Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer. Due to it being an especially difficult form of cancer to cure, catching the disease in its early stages and utilizing aggressive treatment provide the best chances at survival. It's Not Just For Smokers Although smoking is the single most prevalent risk factor for the development of lung cancer, non-smokers should not be cavalier about their risks. Second-hand smoke can be a contributing factor in developing lung cancer in non-smokers in addition to environmental pollution and other factors that are far less controllable.

  • Trigger Thumb: Why Does Your Bent Thumb Suddenly Snap Straight?

    If your bent thumb tends to snap out straight without warning, you may wonder if there's something seriously wrong with it. You may have a problem called trigger thumb, or stenosing tenosynovitis. Although it's not readily understood why trigger thumb occurs, individuals who have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or hand injuries are at risk for the condition. Individuals who use their thumbs to repeatedly hold, grasp, or manipulate things, such as guitar strings and tennis rackets, are also susceptible to trigger thumb.

  • Add a Personal Spark to Your Electric Wheelchair

    You are one of a kind. Shouldn't your wheelchair be, too? Here are five fun ways to dress up your electric wheelchair so it reflects your personal style.  Custom Cushions One quick and simple way to personalize your wheelchair is to find a fabulous fabric for your seat and back cushions.  You can buy cushions already made or have them made especially for you from fabric you choose. This is a great choice because you can have the cushion made to fit your specific chair.

  • Factors To Consider When Hiring An Air Ambulance Company

    In some instances, you or your loved one may need emergency medical care and need an air ambulance right away to save your life, such as following a major car accident. However, in other instances, you may elect to use an air ambulance to transport you to another hospital after you are stable. You may be vacationing on the other side of the country, need emergency surgery, and want to fly home to recover.

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Restoring My Complexion

A few years ago, I began experiencing red, itchy patches on my eyelids and forehead. I began applying moisturizer to my face at this time. Unfortunately, it didn’t help my condition. My trusted physician informed me I might be suffering from the skin disorder psoriasis. This caring individual prescribed a medicated cream for me. Thankfully, the cream soothed my itchy, inflamed skin. If you have an unexplained, skin condition that isn’t responding to home remedies, make visiting your doctor soon a priority. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common types of skin conditions people seek professional treatment for. Enjoy!