Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

The Many Benefits Of Water Exercise For Older Adults

by Dylan Owens

As you grow older, you may find it harder to keep exercising and being active. However, sustained physical activity is still important for health in later adulthood. You may just need to rethink the types of exercise you're doing and look for new ones. One type of exercise you may want to look into is water or aquatic exercise. You may find water exercise classes at a local pool or gym. Here are a few benefits of such classes for older adults.

Water exercise is low-impact.

Older adults sometimes start to struggle with the impact of exercises like jogging and running. Even walking can be hard on your joints as your feet hit the ground again and again. This impact can lead to sore knees and hips, and it may aggravate arthritis. Water exercise, on the other hand, is very low-impact. The water will cushion the blow, so to speak, with every step you take. As such, many older adults find water exercise to be easier on their joints than higher-impact exercises like dance, jogging, and hiking.

Water exercise works your whole body.

If you don't want to spend the time to devise a full-body workout plan that equally stresses your arms, legs, and other body parts, then you're not alone. A full-body fitness routine is still important, though. Almost every water exercise works your whole body to a certain extent because you're working against the water. For example, there may be an exercise that is meant to target your abs, but you still work your legs and arms in the process. With water exercise, you get a full-body workout without having to really try and make it one.

Water exercise comes with a low risk of falls.

Sadly, as you get older, you have to be more wary of the risk of falling during exercise. You do not want to fall because it could lead to a broken bone. With water exercise, you do have to be a bit careful getting in and out of the pool. But there is virtually no risk of falling during the actual workout routine since you're in the pool, surrounded by water. This makes water exercise a really safe choice for older adults.

If the time has come to adopt a new exercise routine, look for some water exercise classes in your area. They can be really beneficial for older adults in your shoes.


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