Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Sinus Therapy Products

by Dylan Owens

Inflammation around the nasal passages is diagnosed as sinusitis. This condition can make it painful to breathe in and out. In some cases, blockages within the nasal passages may be associated with sinusitis. An ear, nose, and throat doctor may recommend that a patient uses sinus therapy to relieve their symptoms. 

The Use Of Antibiotics

Bacteria that get trapped within the sinuses may contribute to the inflammation and redness that a patient experiences around their nose. An ear, nose, and throat doctor will need to diagnose a sinus issue. If a nasal swab detects bacteria within the sinus cavities, a doctor may prescribe an antibiotic. An oral pill may need to be taken for several days. The antibiotic will effectively kill bacteria. A doctor will perform a follow-up exam, to determine if the healing has been effective.

Home Remedies

Some nasal sprays may be used for therapeutic reasons. A nasal spray is a medicinal product that may be habit-forming. A nasal spray should be used minimally, to avoid becoming dependent on the product.

A nasal mister is a machine that will release a vapor. A mister is a product that can bring soothing relief to someone who is suffering from sinusitis. Some products may be designed to spray a mist into the face of the person who is suffering from a nasal issue. As the mister releases a steamy mist, the nasal passages will begin to clear out. A misting product does not use any medication. Instead, it relies solely upon the use of steam. A home remedy like this can be used as often as needed.

A mister is a product that can be set up on a bedside table or another type of table. After the machine is plugged in, water will need to be added to a reservoir. The water will slowly heat up. The steam may be released at timed intervals. A more advanced product may allow an end user to control when steam is released into the air. The patient's nose should be aimed toward the mister.

Menthol products are topical products that can also be used to relieve congestion. A medicinal menthol product can be spread around the nasal passages. A topical product should never be placed inside the nose. Once a topical product has been applied, it may take several minutes for soothing relief to be experienced. Topical products can be purchased at a pharmacy.

Contact your doctor to learn more about sinus therapy.


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