Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Six Problems You Can Avoid At Your Company By Outsourcing Medical Transcription

by Dylan Owens

Medical transcription work is an important task that healthcare companies need to have done accurately and efficiently. Unfortunately, it can often be challenging for companies to handle medical transcription work in-house.

There are a lot of potential problems that can come up for companies that try to do all medical transcription independently. The following are six problems you can avoid at your company by outsourcing medical transcription. 

HIPAA violations

Healthcare companies can experience severe penalties if they are guilty of HIPAA violations. If staff members who aren't experts in medical transcription handle this task, they are more at risk of committing HIPAA violations.

Outsourcing medical transcription makes it more likely that your medical transcriptions will be completely HIPAA-compliant. 

Staff difficulties with information access

All of your patients and staff members can't understand the information given in key notes. This makes certain information at your company less accessible until medical transcription has been carried out.

With outsourced medical transcription, you can have transcriptions done quickly to make information accessible more completely and more quickly at your company. 

Excessive demands on staff member time

Healthcare personnel tend to have a heavy workload day in and day out. They don't need to have another task to handle. If you have medical transcription done in-house, this could make it so that excessive demands are placed on your staff members.

Outsourced medical transcription frees up some time for your staff members and slightly reduces their heavy workload. 

Inaccuracies in your medical transcriptions

Accuracy is essential when it comes to medical transcription, to ensure the highest possible quality of care for your patients. Staff members who aren't medical transcription specialists may be more likely to make mistakes. Outsourcing medical transcription can lead to the highest possible level of accuracy. 

Challenges with hiring your own medical transcription staff

It can be difficult to hire qualified and experienced medical transcription staff. Having to hire staff for medical transcription puts additional demands on your human resources department.

By outsourcing, you can conveniently take care of medical transcription needs without having to hire added staff or require the staff you hire to have additional medical transcription skills. 

More medical transcription work than your staff can handle

The medical transcription workload of a healthcare company can vary significantly throughout the year. During certain periods, you may have significantly more medical transcription work than expected.

It's difficult to handle fluctuations in the workload when you're relying on in-house staff. However, fluctuations in medical transcription workload aren't an issue when you outsource. 

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