Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Four Allergy Tests That Can Be Performed For Diagnostic Purposes

by Dylan Owens

If you have been experiencing mysterious illnesses or other strange symptoms that don't seem to have a direct cause, you could be suffering from allergies. Allergic reactions can cause skin, digestive, and other health problems that could negatively impact your life if left untreated. Allergy testing can be performed by a medical professional to determine if your symptoms are related to allergies, and there are certain types of tests that can be used for diagnostic purposes so that the appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

Scratch Test

A scratch test, which is sometimes referred to as a puncture or skin prick test, is often performed by allergists to diagnose skin and food allergies. To perform this test, a patch of skin is designated for making a series of light skin pricks with a needle. Liquid substances containing properties that mimic pollen, mold, and other common allergens along with certain food types that are known to cause allergic reactions are placed onto the puncture marks. If any of these substances cause small allergic reactions on the skin, the doctor can diagnose any allergies you may have.

Patch Test

Similar to a scratch test, a patch test involves testing the skin to diagnose allergic reactions. Instead of skin pricks, patches are placed on the area that is being tested and removed approximately 48 hours later to look for skin outbreaks that are caused by allergies. The patches are normally placed on the back and can be especially effective in diagnosing contact dermatitis that is caused by clothing, skincare products, or other agents that come into regular contact with the skin.

Blood Test

A blood test for allergies is often performed when skin testing cannot be done. If your skin is particularly prone to outbreaks when it is scratched or punctured or is already highly affected by a skin condition, a blood test known as an IgE or RASH test may be taken to look for certain allergens in the blood.

Food Allergen Challenge

A food allergen challenge may be administered to confirm a diagnosis of any food allergies that are detected from a skin test. Small portions of food that may be causing allergies are fed in a clinical setting to monitor the results safely. You may be asked to remain at the medical facility for a few hours after eating the foods so that a medical professional can observe any symptoms you may have to avoid certain health dangers. If you experience an allergic reaction after eating a certain type of food, the doctor will advise you to avoid eating the food in the future. 

Allergy testing offers an effective tool in the battle against allergies. Any of these allergy tests can offer you accurate results along with a greater sense of hope that your allergies can be controlled with the right treatment.

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