Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

What Body Systems Astragalus May Help Protect

by Dylan Owens

When you see astragalus supplements being sold, the bottle will often claim that they are good for anti-aging or that they help promote general health. This is all well and good, but if you are someone who likes to know and understand what you're putting into your body, then you may want to know a few more details. Here's a look at the primary organ systems that astragalus supplements may help protect.

Urinary System

You rely on your urinary system to clean your blood and to excrete all of the substances that it filters out of your blood. Your kidneys, in particular, work as filters to remove excess minerals, waste products, and other metabolites from your body. If they start failing to do this duty well, your health will go downhill quickly as toxins build up in your bloodstream.

Astragalus supplements may help protect your kidneys and your urinary system in general. They are thought to help increase blood flow to the kidneys, which helps keep these organs healthy. Astragalus may also help protect against urinary tract infections, which can be really painful and can also spread to the rest of the body.

Cardiovascular System

Heart health is so important as you age. You really need to keep your arteries clear from plaque to prevent heart attacks, and you also need to keep your heart muscle strong. Astragalus can help open up your blood vessels, which decreases your risk of a wide range of heart and cardiovascular problems like heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke. 

People often say they start to feel more energized once they start taking astragalus supplements. This is likely because of its positive effects on heart health. The better your heart keeps up with your activity, the better you feel.

Immune System

As you grow older, it's common for your immune system to become less effective at warding off pathogens like the influenza and common cold viruses. But astragalus may help boost your immune system and enhance its function. You may become ill less often, and your immune system won't be running itself ragged just trying to keep you safe! Overall, this can mean better health and fewer bouts of illness as you age. By enhancing the immune system, astragalus may help protect against autoimmune diseases, too.

Astragalus supplements have become quite common in the United States, but this herb has been used in Chinese medicine for a long while. It's a good one to turn to for its diverse effects on multiple organ systems.

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