Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Planning For An Immigration Medical Examination And What It Entails

by Dylan Owens

The Green Card immigration status you wish to have as the spouse of a United States citizen demands that you undergo a medical examination. It is a marriage-based card that requires you to be healthy and a law-abiding individual as well. The immigration medical exam will be conducted and completed by a government-authorized doctor who will be choosing several parts of your medical history to examine.

Reviewing Your Medical History

The doctor will review your medical history and pay close attention to your immunization records. You can expect to undergo a physical and mental evaluation. Tests for various diseases and other illnesses will be conducted, and drug and alcohol screening will also be performed. Since the green card process can be somewhat complicated, the spousal visa application itself will include a number of required forms and supportive documents.

You will have to make sure, before filing the application, that all of the forms are filled out correctly. Some spouses hire an immigration attorney to assist them with the processing of the application forms. If you choose to hire an attorney, make sure that the attorney has experience in representing other clients in this type of immigration process.

Only Two Types Of Doctors Can Conduct The Exam

There are only two types of doctors who are allowed to conduct the medical exam. You'll be seen by a civil surgeon if you plan to have the exam done in the United States. That doctor is assigned by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. In the event you're applying from abroad, that requires you to be seen by a panel physician who is authorized by the United States Department of State.

When Must You Schedule The Exam?

You can schedule the exam before you start the application process for the green card. Once you undergo the exam, then you can submit the medical exam results along with your green card application forms and associated other government forms and supporting documents. Your attorney will examine all your papers for their accuracy.

Limitations When You Submit The Medical Exam Results

There are limitations if you submit the medical exam results with your application for the green card form. You must ensure that the exam is signed by a civil surgeon no more than 60 days prior to submitting the green card application. Be sure that you understand this clause, or you could face having to repeat the medical exam. You are expected to pay the fee charged for the medical exam.

Can You Schedule the Exam From Abroad?

In the event that you're scheduling the medical exam from abroad, do so only after you've received the green card interview appointment letter from the National Visa Center of the State Department. That letter will indicate the date of your green card interview.


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