Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

3 Main Benefits of Using Stem Cell Therapy

by Dylan Owens

Stem cells are particular types of cells that can develop into different cells in the body. The two broad categories of stem cells are embryonic and adult stem cells. The bone marrow, brain, and blood vessels produce adult stem cells. Since the stem cells are not differentiated, they can develop into any other human body cells. 

Stem cell therapy has gained a lot of popularity for the past decade and for good reason. When you harness the power of raw cells, which can develop into anything, you can treat injuries, rid the body of cancerous tumors, repair brain damage, and heal from a wide range of medical conditions. Here are the three main benefits of stem cell therapy. 

It Helps You Avoid Surgery

Hip pain is a common health condition among older people. It can result from a hip fracture, arthritis, tendinitis, gynecological problems, and sports injuries. One of the conventional treatments for hip pain is surgery. However, surgery is invasive, risky, and includes a lot of recovery time. 

Hip stem cell therapy is a simple process where the stem cells are injected into your hip to repair the problem. The procedure is minimally invasive, and you recover within a short time. It also does not carry risks such as nerve damage, which is common with regular surgery.

It Does Not Need Anesthesia

A lot of people do not like being put under general anesthesia. Sedation brings about side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, sore throat, muscle pain, shivering, and muscle aches. You also experience its effects for many hours after the surgery and sometimes, even days. The effects are because it can take up to a week to eliminate the medication from your bloodstream.

Since stem cell treatment does not involve surgery, you do not have to go under anesthesia to receive the treatment, making the recovery easy.

It Does Not Carry the Risk of Cell Rejection

Stem cell therapy is used for cancer treatment. The cells are extracted from the patient's bone marrow and screened for cancer before being injected into the affected organ. Typically, the body does not reject its cells. This increases the possibility of success in cancer treatment.

Other benefits include that it minimizes the risk of getting infectious diseases and speeds up your recovery time. The crucial thing to do is choose a competent center or therapist for the treatment. With the right care, you will be back on your feet within a short time. To find out if stem cell treatment is right for you, talk to a medical professional.


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