Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Got A Large Derriere? 3 Options You Have To Lose Weight In This Area

by Dylan Owens

If you have a big derriere that makes you feel self-conscious, you may be having problems losing weight in this area. If this is true, you have many treatment options to help you get your derriere down to the size that you want. Below are three of these treatment options so you can decide what you would like to try.


There are many exercises you can do to lose weight in your derriere. One type is walking steps. As you walk, this works the muscles in your butt area and helps tone the muscles. You should do at least approximately 80 to 100 steps per minute for a few minutes each time. Also, do this at least once a day for a few weeks until you see the difference. After this, you can do this a few times per weeks.

Another fun exercise is rock climbing. This helps burn a lot of calories so you will lose weight, including in your butt. You can find centers that have rock climbing indoors, or if you are the adventurous type, you can try rock climbing outside if you have this in your area. There are a lot of targeted exercises that work well for this such as leg lifts, jogging in place, pushups, jumping jacks, planks, and dips.

Medical Weight Loss Program

A medical weight loss program can also help you. This type of program not only helps you learn different types of exercises to lose weight but helps you in many other ways. For example, the program will teach you how to eat healthily, as well as teach you what foods are high in calories that will cause weight gain.  

Many programs teach you behavior modifications, which helps you with your diet and exercise regime. These programs may also offer you weight loss medication. You may be offered prepackaged meal replacement plans to help you eat the right foods. Find a local medical weight loss program near you like the Santé MD Wellness Center to start this process.


Another option you have is liposuction. This works well because the doctor can target the right areas to remove fat. When finished, they will leave enough fatty tissue to help your butt have natural contours.

Liposuction involves making a small incision in the area where the doctor is removing fat tissue. The doctor inserts a thin tube, which is also known as a cannula, inside the incision. This tube is connected to a machine that vacuums the fat from the area of the body. The doctor also uses ultrasound to assist them.

You need to be patient as it takes time to lose weight but if you follow these tips you will have the right size of derriere that you want.


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