Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Refuting The More Common Hormone Therapy Myths

by Dylan Owens

Hormonal problems can be extremely disruptive to your life, and they can contribute to discomfort and other health problems. While hormone replacement therapy is an effective approach to correcting these needs, there is enough misinformation concerning this aspect of health care to make it harder for patients needing to make informed choices.

Myth: Your Hormone Levels Stay Constant Throughout Your Life

The idea that a person's hormonal levels are constant throughout their lives is fairly prevalent. However, the aging process and life events, such as pregnancy, can all have major impacts on the hormone production of the body. Not surprisingly, those that are older may find it is harder for their bodies to maintain balanced hormone levels.

Myth: There Are No Warning Signs That You May Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone imbalances can have major impacts on the body as hormones can be essential for regulating the various bodily functions that keep you alive. When your hormones start to become unbalanced, there may be physical manifestations that are difficult to ignore. For example, a persistence sense of fatigue and an increase in hot flashes are among the more common. Those with particularly severe hormone imbalances may also be far more likely to develop severe health problems, such as osteoporosis. Ideally, patients will want to become aware of their hormone imbalance before these symptoms become disruptive, and this makes regular blood testing essential.

Myth: Hormone Replacement Therapy Always Involves Regular Injections

Patients will often avoid undergoing hormone replacement therapy due to an aversion to injections. While there are some hormone treatments that require injections, there are numerous treatment options that avoid the regular use of needles. For example, pills are a popular option for taking hormone supplements. Also, some hormones can be administered through transdermal patches, which can allow for the hormone to be administered directly to the bloodstream.

Myth: Hormone Replacement Therapy Patients See Results Almost Immediately

Before a patient will be able to notice the effects of their hormone replacement therapy, the hormone levels in the body will need to adjust. This can take some time as the hormones will need time to be fully absorbed by the body. In most instances, patients will notice a gradual reduction in their symptoms over a course of several weeks. Due to the need for the hormone levels to be consistent, patients must be particularly diligent about avoiding missing treatments as this could severely compromise the effectiveness of the therapy by causing fluctuations in the hormone levels.

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