Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Choosing The Right Massage Technique For Your Needs

by Dylan Owens

When you are thinking about getting a massage for the first time, you may find yourself overwhelmed with all of the choices and possibilities available to you. It may be difficult to determine which type of massage is right for you if you are new to the process. However, certain types of massages are better for different conditions and issues. Get to know more about some of the different types of massages and their benefits. Then, you can choose the best option for your needs.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is perhaps the most popular type of massage available today and is a great option for beginners to the massage therapy process. It is a gentle massage option that involves the application of light pressure as well as broad and sometimes, specific massage strokes.

Most massage therapists consider Swedish massage to be a general massage because of its benefits to beginners. Using oils and lotions, the massage therapist will massage the back, arms, and legs, promoting relaxation of the mind and body.

If the massage therapist finds a specific issue, like tension in the shoulder, they will focus on that area to help you feel better and feel less muscle pain and tension in that area. Swedish massage therapy is especially if you feel stressed, deal with a hectic schedule, or experience tension headaches.

Deep Tissue Massage

Another popular massage therapy option is deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is a much more intense massage therapy option and can be especially helpful for chronic back pain, horrible muscle knots in your back, migraines, and more.

Unlike Swedish massage, deep tissue massage is not a full-body massage option. It focuses primarily on the back and neck. Deep tissue massage involves a lot more pressure than a Swedish massage so that the effects of the massage are not just in the superficial layers of muscle tissue, but in the deeper muscle fibers.

This type of massage can cause some discomfort during the massage, but will release endorphins that promote relaxation, stress relief, and will promote self-healing in the body. It will also get rid of deep-seated muscle tension and knots that could cause pain throughout the body.

Now that you know more about two of the most popular massage therapy techniques available, you can be sure that you are choosing the right massage option for you and your needs. Contact a massage therapist as soon as possible to book your appointment and start feeling better.


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Restoring My Complexion

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