Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

5 Things To Avoid Doing After Botox Treatments

by Dylan Owens

Looking your best is sure to be high on your list, and this can be more and more challenging with age. The key to having the success you want and having younger looking skin may rest in getting Botox.  This is a process that will need to be done by a trained professional. There will be an injection into your skin that will work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Keep in mind the results aren't permanent but should last a while. It's important to know specific things you should avoid to help you enjoy the benefits of this procedure.

Don't touch your skin

It's important to avoid touching your face for a certain amount of time after having this type of treatment. Doing so could hinder all the trouble and expense you've gone to for this procedure.

Be sure to get a list of care instructions from your provider and follow these precisely to help your skin recovery in the shortest amount of time possible.

Avoid exercise

You will want to rest and recover for a short amount of time after having Botox injections. This should be for at least a day and during this time, you will want to avoid doing any strenuous exercise.

No facial treatments

Your skin is sure to be more sensitive after having this cosmetic process, and you'll want to be extremely mindful of what you put on your fact. This makes it crucial not to have any chemical peels or facials for that matter until your technician says this is okay for you to do.

Don't drink a lot of alcohol

If you enjoy having a mixed drink or two, you will want to avoid doing this after having Botox. It's especially important not to consume large quantities of alcohol because this could interfere with your recovery time.

Don't let problems go untreated

While it's not common, you may have some issues after getting Botox that may include extreme bruising or swelling. It's best to address these if this does occur to help you get the final results you want.

Taking the time to find ways to improve the appearance of your skin is sure to be ideal. Doing this can allow you to feel better about yourself and be better prepared to face the world each day. Be sure to schedule your Botox treatment today with a medical provider in your area! 


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Restoring My Complexion

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