Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Security Tips That Can Make An Independently Living Senior Citizen Feel Safer

by Dylan Owens

If you have an elderly family member who feels a degree of unease while living alone, you generally have a few choices to consider. One idea is to move your loved one into an independent living facility, although he or she may not agree to this move. Another solution is to hire a home health aide who can not only provide care but can also be a physical presence in the home to make your family member feel more at ease. If you're going to opt for the latter strategy, there are a handful of things that you can do to make your family member feel even safer — including during the times that the home aide isn't present.

Activate Call Display

Many senior citizens don't have call display on their home phones, which can make your family member anxious each time the phone rings. This can especially be true during calls when it's dark outside. While you can remind your loved one that he or she doesn't have to answer the phone when it rings, seniors will sometimes fail to adopt this habit. A simple solution to this conundrum is to have the aide activate call display on the home phone line — and upgrade the phone itself to a model with a high-visibility screen. This way, the aide can identify the caller and even answer the phone if necessary.

Install A Door Camera

A security camera at the front door can provide a feeling of comfort for your loved one who lives independently. The doorbell ringing or a knock on the door may cause the senior citizen to feel unsettled, especially if he or she isn't expecting a visitor. This feeling can quickly dissipate, however, if a health aide is present and is able to check the feed of a security camera to identify who is outside the house. For a user-friendly solution, consider a peephole camera. This device replaces the front door's traditional peephole and has a display screen mounted to its rear.

Upgrade The Drapes

Some seniors who live on their own feel concerned about people looking into the home. The thought can be that if a prowler identifies a senior home alone, he or she may break in. Assess the drapes over the windows on the ground floor of the home. If they're lightly colored or made of thin material, they may not keep prying eyes out — and remind the aide to keep them drawn during the evening or whenever your family member wants to feel more secure. Your loved one will feel a higher degree of comfort if you upgrade the drapes to thicker, darker material.

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