Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Seek Urgent Care Immediately If Your Child Is Bitten By A Tick

by Dylan Owens

In parts of the nation in which lyme disease is a concern, you need to know how to proceed if your child is bitten. Lyme is carried by ticks, and a tick that carries this disease and bites you can severely jeopardize your health. This isn't a problem for which you should wait to see the family doctor. Instead, immediately upon realizing that a tick has bitten your child, you should visit your local urgent care center. There, a doctor or nurse can provide the necessary care, which can include extracting the tick if it has buried itself in your child's flesh, as well as sending the tick for testing to see if it carries lyme disease. Here are some ways that you can lessen your child's risk of a tick bite.

Stay Out Of Thick Foliage

You're unlikely to encounter ticks in urban areas. Instead, they're more common where there's thick foliage, including in the woods, in overgrown parks, and in other similar areas. A tick resting on a branch or a tall plant can climb onto your body if you pass against the branch or plant, and then the insect can bite your skin. If you live in an area in which there's a present concern over lyme disease, teach your children to stay out of overgrown areas. This means that your family might have to skip its your annual camping trip, but this precaution is worth it.

Protect Your Lower Body

Whenever you're in an area with plants, tall grass, and trees, there's a theoretical risk that a tick can bite you. Bites are common on your feet, legs, and ankles, given that these parts of your body are more likely to brush up against the things on which ticks may be resting. Even when out in your backyard, teach your children to protect their lower body. This means wearing shoes instead of sandals, as well as wearing socks and long pants. Some people tuck their pant cuffs into their socks so that no parts of their ankles or legs are exposed.

Limit Your Dog's Exposure

Just as you take precautions for yourself, you should also think about your family's dog. If you're walking the dog, skip the usual trek through the woods. It's possible for a tick to get on your dog and inflict a bite, as well as climb onto you if you're petting the animal or playing with it back home. You should also get into the habit of visually assessing your pet's body after each walk so that you can get veterinary care for it. If you believe that you've been bitten by a tick, visit your local urgent care facility immediately.

For more information, contact establishments like Emergency Care Dynamics.


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