Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Service Animal Puppy Training: A Look At The Key Components Your Dog May Learn

by Dylan Owens

If you are living with a disability, in some cases, there is a great wealth of benefit from having a service dog at your side. Whether you are suffering with an emotional or physical disorder, there are things your dog can learn that can help you with everyday life. Thankfully, if you are interested in training your puppy to be a service animal, this is not a challenge you have to face on your own. There are some pretty excellent puppy training centers available across the country that teach dogs the fundamentals of being a service animal. Take a quick look at some of the key components your puppy could learn while in service training. 

Your dog will learn to alert you to certain things. 

As someone with disabilities, there may be things in your day-to-day life that you miss. For example, if you have a hearing problem, you may not be able to hear a smoke alarm going off, but your dog can be trained to alert you to that specific sound. During training, your service dog will learn to alert their owner to things like:

  • smoke or fire
  • sounds, such as alarms or sirens
  • personal alarms, such as an alarm clock tone
  • someone calling their owner's name 

Your dog will learn how to detect certain medical conditions according to smell. 

If you are in need of a service dog for a specific medical condition, your puppy can be trained to help keep tabs on these conditions and be alert to signs that there is trouble. For example, some dogs can sense when their owner's blood sugar levels fall to a dangerous level by how they smell. Dogs can even be trained to detect allergens in the atmosphere or in a certain place or structure if you have problems with severe allergies. 

Your dog will learn how to offer physical support if necessary. 

Service animals who are in training to offer support to those with physical impairments often have to spend a little longer in training, but the investment is worth the outcome. During training, your dog can be taught an array of actions that could be advantageous to you and your limited physical condition. The dog may be taught to help pull a wheelchair, offer support to you if you have a hard time getting to a standing position, or even help you maintain your balance while you walk.   


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