Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

4 Options For Senior Housing

by Dylan Owens

It is common for seniors to worry about their financial situation and their living arrangements after reaching retirement age. As a result, many elderly adults choose to change their current living arrangement, which may include either moving in with family or moving to a senior living center. Depending on the level of care required, there are several senior care options to choose from.  It is important to find the type of care and services that best suits you or your elderly family member. Here are few of the most common options for senior living arrangements.

Independent Living

For seniors who prefer and are able to live independently, most large cities have communities that are designed for independent seniors.  These communities typically offer a few different options for housing. For example, seniors can choose to live in a single home or an apartment within the community. The housing in these areas usually have space that is designed to accommodate seniors, such as larger doorways for wheelchair access. These communities also have a variety of available services, such as meals on wheels. There are also a wide variety of activities available.

Assisted Living

A senior living center, sometimes known as an assisted living center, is residential facilities where seniors reside. They typically have their own furniture, but meals are provided and there is usually others available on site to help with their daily needs, such as medications. Seniors who reside in a senior living center continue to have an independent lifestyle, but they also have immediate help available when it is needed.

Retirement Home

A retirement home is a popular senior care option. The senior housing is usually designed like apartment homes that are inside of a senior community. The resident usually has an individual room that includes a bed, dresser, chair, table and television. There are medical personnel available on site 24 hours a day. Residents are typically allowed to decorate their room with personal items, such as pictures and bed linens.

Nursing Home

A nursing home is a senior living center that provides comprehensive care, including medical staff that is available at all hours of the day.  Nursing home staff is responsible for distributing medications to the residents and their meals are prepared and served. It is common for nursing homes to offer primarily shared rooms with two or more residents per room; however, private rooms are usually available as well.

For seniors who choose to age at home as opposed to moving in with family or into a senior living center, there are also home care options available. Home care is basically the same as independent living, except there are providers that come to the home to help with various needs, such as cleaning, running errands, cooking and/or to provide companionship for the senior. For more information, contact companies like Sharon Care Center.


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