Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Don't Let Age Slow You Down: 3 Accessories To Help You Continue Working While Being Discreet

by Dylan Owens

If you're a bit older, but you still are in the workforce, then you understand how difficult it can be to deal with physical issues while still maintaining your dignity at work. You might have a job where you are afraid that others will see your problems as weakness and it might lead to your dismissal. Luckily there are lots of things you can do that will help you manage that are discreet and won't draw too much attention to any of your issues.

Adjustable Walking Stick : Stability Without The Stigma of a Cane

If you have trouble getting to work during the snowy season and are afraid that you might slip and fall, then you should consider getting a walking stick. These are used by people who go hiking, and come in cool neon colors as well as classic browns and blacks. They don't have the same look as a mobility cane, but they will provide you with the same stability that a more medically designed cane provides. Even during the off-season (when major snow is not an issue) you can use these walking sticks for stability. When you get to your office building you can collapse them (as long as you get a telescoping walking stick) and hide it in your bag.

Watch With Multiple Alarms (Helps Keep Track Of Pills)

If you need to take medication or vitamins throughout the day, but have trouble keeping track of them, the best thing to do is get a watch with multiple alarms. This way you don't have to keep your pills on your desk for everyone to see. You can keep them in your purse or coat pocket and then take them out when the alarms ring. Without the alarm, you might be tempted to keep the pills visible so that you can see them and not forget to take them.

Discreet Hearing Aid

One of the most embarrassing things is to have to ask people to repeat themselves. You don't want to sound like some old person who is hard of hearing. The best solution is to go in and get a fitting for a discreet hearing aid, such as fro Waters ENT Sinus & Allergy. These are super small and fit inside your ear. They are not visible to people who are next to you (unless they get up real close and look into your ear). They are much different in design than the large, outer ear hearing aids that you might have seen when you were younger.

The best thing about these hearing aids is that you can adjust the volume by using your smartphone. There is no need to have to take out the hearing aid and try and manually adjust the settings. This means that you don't have get nervous when adjusting the settings.


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Restoring My Complexion

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