Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Alternatives To Coffee

by Dylan Owens

If you feel like you're a zombie when you wake up in the morning until you've had your coffee, you likely know that your body relies on caffeine. You probably get the majority of your caffeine from coffee, which can pose additional problems. You might feel extremely dehydrated because coffee is a diuretic, you might have bad breath after you drink coffee, and you might experience a heightened level of teeth staining.

Here are some alternatives to coffee that will help you stay awake during the day and feel better when you wake up without the negative side effects.

1. Matcha Tea

The first thing that you should consider is swapping out coffee for matcha. Matcha will not stain your teeth as quickly because it is lighter in color and contains more water overall. It also contains ECGC catechins, which contains antioxidants that stop the spread of free radicals and slows aging.

Green tea can also pep you up, especially during the middle of the day when you might be getting sleepy after lunch, because it will be able to give you a boost of caffeine without making you feel jittery, which could make it really hard for you to concentrate. Matcha can also be mixed into smoothies for a healthy kick without impacting the flavor of the smoothie, unlike coffee.

2. Water With Lemon Juice

Although water with lemon juice doesn't have any actual caffeine, it can help jolt you awake during the day if you start to fall asleep at work. A cold glass of water and its hydrating properties combined with the biting taste of lemon will allow you to feel a lot more awake and let you finish your afternoon strong.

3. Pomegranate Juice

Finally, consider drinking pomegranate juice as a part of a smoothie or on its own. Pomegranate juice doesn't have any caffeine in it, but it will allow you to get the same antioxidants that matcha tea offers. It is a good solution if you are drastically trying to cut back on caffeine.

Essentially, if you don't want to be drinking as much coffee as you do right now, you have options. You can keep your caffeine but cut the bad breath by drinking matcha. You can get through the day with a glass of lemon water if all you're looking to do is wake up your senses. Finally, pomegranate juice is a good option if you want to get antioxidants but cut back on caffeine. 


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