Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

5 Tips for Improving Your Marriage

by Dylan Owens

Marriages are not easy, to say the least. In fact, 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States result in divorce, according to the American Psychological Association. When you are around each other all the time and share a lot of things together, you can get into arguments and say things you do not really mean. While you may not be able to make your marriage perfect, you can make it better. Here are five helpful tips for improving your marriage:

Walk Away When Things Get Heated

When you get into a heated argument with your spouse, do not just utter the first thought that comes to your mind. It is easy to say something hurtful when you are angry with another person. That is why it is better to go to a different room until you cool off. If you give yourself a chance to calm down and think rationally, you will be less likely to say something that will hurt your spouse's feelings. You will instead be able to express your feelings more constructively to your partner.

Go on Dates

Even if you have been married for 10 years, it does not hurt to go on a date with your spouse once in a while. In fact, it can have a positive effect on your marriage. Having alone time with your spouse at a nice restaurant can give you both a break from the kids or work and allow you to enjoy one another's company. You will appreciate each other more and have plenty of laughs. If you are on a tight budget right now, you do not have to go somewhere expensive. Even dining out at a local fast food restaurant with your spouse can be enjoyable.

Express Your Gratitude

It is important to let your spouse know you appreciate everything he or she does for you. If your spouse, for example, cooked you breakfast or got the kids dressed for school, remember to thank him or her. This will show your partner that you do not take him or her for granted. It is also a good idea to do something nice for your spouse in return. For instance, you could go get the car cleaned or give your partner a back rub.

Consider Marriage Counseling

If you and your spouse have been fighting constantly and it feels like your marriage is heading south, give some consideration to marriage counseling. An experienced marriage counselor can help you and your partner come to terms with your issues and suggest ways to improve your marriage, according to Dartmouth College. However, if you want to get the most out of marriage counseling, you have to come in with a good attitude and realize that the counselor can't fix your problems right away. You will have to work hard to change your habits. Find a counselor through an establishment like Drake Counseling Services.

Compliment Your Spouse

When you and your spouse get comfortable with one another, you may think that providing compliments is not a big deal anymore. However, that is the wrong way to think. Giving each other sincere compliments on a regular basis will build up self-esteem. For instance, you could tell your spouse how great he or she looks in a shirt or how much you enjoyed the meal he or she skillfully cooked last night. This will make your partner feel good and strengthen the relationship between you two.

All marriages have their ups and downs. It's important to realize that a marriage is hard work and not to give up when things get tough. If you truly love your partner and work hard to make things better, you can have a happy and healthy marriage for years to come.


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