Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

How To Keep Sensitive And Soft Teeth From Chipping

by Dylan Owens

If you have teeth that are naturally brittle, then you may see chips forming across the surfaces over time. A cosmetic dentist can fix most of these chips with the placement of a resin material during either a routine filling or bonding procedure. However, this resin is not nearly as strong as your natural dental enamel, and the resin may wear away over time. It is a much better idea to make sure your teeth are as strong as possible so they stop chipping. This is the best way to retain the beauty of your teeth. Consider some of the following tips to help you.

Use the Right Toothpaste

If you are the type of person who is serious about your oral health, then you may brush your teeth after every meal and use toothpastes with abrasive agents that work the food and plaque away from the teeth. However, your oral care practices may actually be causing your teeth to become more brittle and sensitive. If you have naturally soft enamel, then your use of toothpastes that contains abrasive agents like silica gel, aluminum oxide, and magnesium carbonate is likely damaging the dental enamel.

One way to see if your toothpaste is too tough on your teeth is to consider the abrasiveness index of the product you use. The ADA compiles this list and suggests using a toothpaste that has a low abrasiveness between 0 and 70. Also, a good way to ensure the low abrasiveness of your toothpaste is to find one with either baking soda or natural sea salt, since these materials are quite gentle on the teeth.

You absolutely need to make sure that your toothpaste contains fluoride as well. Some people think these products are best used by children. However, fluoride is needed by adults as well, because the material helps to make sure that the dental enamel is protected from acidic substances in the mouth, and it also helps the teeth to form a protective barrier with the help of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Once you find the right toothpaste, brush your teeth twice a day and be gentle. Only a slight bit of pressure is needed to remove plaque and food debris.

Consider Food Temperatures

One good way to help keep your naturally soft enamel from chipping away is to stop yourself from eating and drinking items in conjunction with one another that are extremely hot and cold. When you do this, you expose the dental enamel to these temperatures. The extremely hard and tough nature of the dental enamel means that it does not easily flex. This means that cracks are likely to form in some instances.

When hot foods are eaten, then dental enamel will expand a small amount. This places pressure on the enamel, and the pressure will be released through a crack when a cold food or beverage is consumed that causes the enamel to then quickly constrict. The cracks that form are usually called craze lines, and they can turn into chips when the enamel is weakened significantly.

To stop craze lines from forming, consider not adding ice to your beverages and allowing your drinks to warm up slightly for 10 or 15 minutes before you take a sip. Hot foods that have been just removed from the oven or microwave should be allowed to cool as well for 10 or 15 minutes. Also, eat popsicles and ice cream alone without any drinks like tea of coffee, and wait about 20 minutes after eating the cold item before drinking a hot beverage. Basically, food items that are closer to room temperature are best, but if you do decide to eat an extremely hot or cold food, then you will need to give your dental enamel a small break before eating anything else. 

If you do end up with craze lines or other issues, reach out to a local cosmetic dentistry practice, like New Image Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, for further information on how to fix the issue.


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