Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Walk-in Tubs: 6 Options to Look For

by Dylan Owens

Whether you're about to purchase a walk-in tub for safety reasons or hydrotherapy benefits, there is much to be considered. With new technology emerging every day, you'll have various options and features available. Depending upon your needs and your budget, you might consider a walk in bathtub and shower combination, a unit with a heated seat and massage function or built in sanitation system. Before you set out to buy, keep these options in mind:

1. Walk-in Tub and Shower Combo

A walk-in tub and shower combination is a versatile option. This allows you to soak in the tub for relaxing hydrotherapy or the option of an exhilarating shower. This may be an ideal solution for a master bathroom, as the combination tub and shower may require more space for installation.

Many walk-in tub and shower combos feature magnetic shower curtains. This is a convenient feature, as it helps contain the water and avoid spills onto the floor. A walk-in tub and shower combination will also feature accessible controls, as well as one touch buttons for the shower.

The major benefit of this combo is the ability to bathe and shower safely. There is less chance of slipping and falling due to the low threshold, allowing you to climb in and out with minimal effort. If you have mobility issues or difficulty with your balance, this combo offers peace of mind.

2. Heating System

Just about every walk-in bathtub will feature built-in seating. However, not all walk-in tubs have the option of heated seats.

A heating system for the lower back and seat not only provides comfort on a chilly day or night, it can be soothing on aching muscles and joints. A heated back and seat will also help maintain the water temperature of your walk-in tub. Look for a thermal safety feature that automatically shuts the heat function off if it becomes too hot.

3. Built-in Massage

Not every walk-in tub or shower offers built in massage. It may be an option worth considering if you suffer from arthritis, sciatica or tendonitis, or if you simply prefer a relaxing way to help combat insomnia and ward off tension. Your massage may be delivered with the use of water jets or air jets. Some units feature dual jet system. What's the difference between the two?

  • Water Jets: This option delivers a vigorous and exhilarating massage directly to your muscles. It's a good option for those with joint and muscle pain and for therapeutic relief. If you prefer a  pulsating massage, look for this feature.
  • Air Jets: Air jets deliver a more soothing massage with gentle bubbles. This may be a good solution for those who simply enjoy a relaxing soak and massage. You may find the air jet system somewhat easier to clean as well.

4. Head and Neck Rest

For extra comfort, choose a model that offers a built in head and neck rest. It may be fully adjustable and constructed of memory foam for pressure relief. The material will be water resistant as well.

5. Aromatherapy System

Aromatherapy utilizes natural plant extractions, which some find useful in reducing stress or revitalizing the spirit. You will find this option available in many walk-in tubs. This feature offers a built in chrome diffuser for dispersing essential oils into the air as you bathe. You simply fill the diffuser with your favorite scent such as lavender, cedarwood or peppermint.

6. Built-in Sanitizing System

Your walk-in bathtub may feature a mold resistant coating and sanitation system. This helps eliminate the need to disinfect regularly, as the built in sanitation releases powerful bacteria killing sanitation through the water jets.

If you want to learn more about walk-in tub options, contact your local dealer. You might want to complete a questionnaire which may help you determine which features will be most useful to you. Ask for price quotes for various features.


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