Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

5 Parenting Problems That A Parenting Therapist Can Help With In Your Child's First Two Years

by Dylan Owens

You may think that parenting therapists are for parents of older children and teenagers. However, the first two years can be a stressful, time consuming period of parenting, and the habits that you develop during this period will help you throughout a lifetime of parenting. Below are five ways a parenting therapist can help you during the first two years of your child's life. 

Postpartum Depression 

While it is common to have mood swings, slight depression, and a feeling of exhaustion after giving birth, if these symptoms persist or interfere with your ability to care for your child, you may be suffering from postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is a serious mental health issue, and it should be treated by a professional. While you may need medication to help deal with the causes of your depression, a parenting therapist can also help. 

During postpartum depression, a parenting therapist may help you create daily routines that let you and your baby know what to expect and allow you to get adequate rest. They may also help you find ways to connect with your baby and improve your bond. 

General Stress

The first two years of your child's life can be very stressful for both parents. You may find that your new baby impacts you in ways you had not anticipated before their arrival. You may be exhausted and frustrated when your baby seems inconsolable. During each new developmental milestone, you may experience a range of emotions from pride to frustration at your child's behavior. 

A parenting therapist can help prepare you for each milestone. They can also help you identify a strong support system that will help to relieve some of the stress that you are experiencing. 

Baby and Toddler Sleep Issues

Until your baby is sleeping through the night, it is likely that your entire household is not getting enough sleep. Unfortunately, getting your child to sleep for longer periods of time can be difficult, and deciding on a method to encourage sleeping through the night can be confusing. 

A parenting therapist will be able to help identify the best sleep arrangement for you and your child. He or she will be able to give you tools to help meet your sleep goals, whether they are co-sleeping or helping your toddler transition from a crib to a toddler bed. They can also prepare you for common sleep regressions and help you help your child through them. 

Toddler Aggression

Toddlers exhibit aggression for a variety of reasons. Brought on by a variety of things, from being tired or hungry to feeling threatened, hitting, biting, and scratching are ways that toddlers express their frustration. Unfortunately, in the first two years of life, they do not have the vocabulary to tell you why they are behaving aggressively, and aggressive behavior can make parents feel frustrated and harm developing social connections with other toddlers. 

A parenting therapist can help you identify the main causes behind your child's aggression. They can then give you tools for preventing aggressive behavior before it starts and dealing with aggressive outbursts when they happen. 

Handling the Arrival of a New Sibling 

The arrival of a new sibling can upset a healthy family dynamic. Your older child may feel scared and confused, and you and your partner may feel anxious about the dynamic between your children. 

A parenting therapist can help you anticipate problems you will face during your second child's first two years. They can also help you decide how and when to tell the older child about the arrival of their new sibling. 

It is important to recognize parenting problems as soon as possible and seek professional help when necessary. Even during the first two years of parenting, there will be several things that a professional therapist can help you with. 


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