Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

Homemade Massage Oil For Relieving The Symptoms And Reducing The Appearance Of Your Varicose Veins

by Dylan Owens

If you have varicose veins, you may be searching for a home remedy to help reduce the appearance of them on your legs. You may also be experiencing some symptoms, such as achiness, itching, and burning. If so, use the following massage oil for treating varicose veins using ingredients found in pharmacies and grocery stores.

About The Ingredients

Below is a description of the ingredients in the massage oil and how they help treat your varicose veins.

  • When heated, the castor oil helps to improve circulation. This is important because your blood tends to pool and become stagnant in the veins, increasing your chance of forming blood clots.
  • The mustard oil in this mixture also increases circulation. When it absorbs through the skin, it also moisturizes and nourishes the veins to make them more pliable. Over time, this can help reduce their size.
  • When applied to the skin, aloe vera gel soothes the itching and burning that is caused by the irritation of the vein on the skin.
  • Grape seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the swelling above and around your varicose veins.

What You Will Need

Before you begin making your treatment oil, gather the following supplies.

  • A small, microwaveable bowl
  • An empty lotion bottle with lid
  • A small funnel
  • Half of a cup of castor oil
  • Two tablespoons of mustard oil
  • Quarter of a cup of pure aloe vera gel
  • Two teaspoons of grape seed oil
  • Warm, moist terry cloth towel


Once you have all of your supplies, follow the directions below to make and use the massage oil. 

  1. Pour the oils into the bowl and mix them well.
  2. Place the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm the oil. Not only does this heat the oil up for use, but it also helps to meld the oils together.
  3. Wait two minutes to allow the oils time to cool slightly.
  4. Put the funnel in the top of the empty lotion bottle and pour in the warmed oil.
  5. Replace the lid on the bottle and shake vigorously to ensure the oils are evenly dispersed throughout the mixture.
  6. Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand.
  7. Gently rub your hands together to coat them.
  8. Apply oil on your legs, starting below the area where your varicose veins are located.
  9. Apply slight pressure to the leg, then carefully rub them while moving straight up the leg. Once you reach the top of the area, remove your hands and repeat the motion by starting at the bottom. This assists the upward circulation of the veins to remove any stagnant blood.
  10. When massaging your legs, do not pull downward. This could cause more blood to pool, increasing the size of your veins.
  11. Moisten the terry-cloth towel with warm water and wring out the excess.
  12. Once you have massaged your leg five times, wrap it with the towel. This will help increase the absorption of the oils.
  13. Prop your feet up where they are slightly above your heart's level. This position uses gravity to assist the blood's return to the heart.
  14. Relax for 15 minutes.
  15. Once the time is up, unwrap your leg and use the damp towel to remove any excess oil.
  16. Let any residual oil air dry and absorb further into your skin.
  17. Close the lid on the bottle for use the next day. If any remains after one week, throw it away and make a new batch.

After using the above home treatment for a couple of weeks, you should start to see improvement in their appearance and your symptoms. However, if they become more bothersome, you may want to make an appointment with a doctor that specializes in varicose vein treatment to discuss your options. There are also specialized clinics, like Vein Clinic Of Las Vegas, that can help.


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