Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

2 Habits You Must Change To Decrease Your Back Pain

by Dylan Owens

While back pain can be caused by age, trauma, and repetitive motions, there may also be things you are doing in your life that are adding to the pain you experience every day with your back. If you recognize these habits and can change them, you might be able to naturally decrease the amount of pain you are experiencing. After making the necessary changes in these three areas, you may notice a difference in the amount of pain you feel each day of your life.

Bad Posture

Bad posture involves the way you stand, sit, lie down, and carry yourself. In most cases, bad posture leads to back and neck pain simply because of the pressure placed on muscles in the back and neck. Your body was not designed for bad posture, and bad habits over time will cause problems. Bad posture can cause:

  • A change in the curvature of your neck – As your neck curve changes, the wrong muscles are used to support your skull. This not only leads to pain in the neck and back, but it can also lead to headaches.
  • The spine to change position – Your spine also has a natural curve, but it can change when you do not hold yourself properly.
  • Degeneration of the discs – Discs are small gaps of tissue located between each bone of the spine. When the spine moves these gaps can close, and this can lead to severe pain.

The best way to avoid this is to learn better habits with your posture. If you sit at a desk often, replace your furniture with ergonomic furniture, which is designed to support proper posture. Another idea is to investigate your sleeping habits. Studies show that the best way to sleep is on your back because this position keeps the spine and neck neutral.

As you look for other areas in your life that may contribute to your bad posture, find ways to change these. The goal is to keep your body in a neutral, natural position at all times. This reduces the extra stress placed on the muscles and may help decrease your pain.

Being Inactive

If you have a lot of pain each day, it might seem normal to you to sit around avoiding any activity. While this may seem like the right way to allow your back to heal, it is actually the wrong thing to do. Being inactive is one of the worst ways to relieve back pain, and one of the reasons for this is because your back needs exercise and movement.

According to Men's Health, inactivity for 48 hours or more can lead to muscle atrophy, which is a condition that means that your muscles start losing their strength. Inactivity also reduces the blood flow in your body, and blood flow is extremely helpful in healing painful parts of the body.

Instead of being inactive when your back hurts, you should start exercising. If the pain is too unbearable, try using water therapy. This is done in a swimming pool and is often used by people suffering from arthritis. Water therapy is helpful in many ways, and it is often suggested because it is soothing for most types of pain.

Changing these two habits in your life could help you eliminate or reduce the amount of back pain you suffer from. If you make these changes and are still suffering with extreme pain, you may want to seek lower back pain relief from a doctor. Pain management clinics specialize in helping people reduce pain, and this might be a necessary step for you to take if the pain is severe.


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