Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

5 Tips For Working From Home As A Mom

by Dylan Owens

Telecommuting becomes more popular all the time, and working from home has actually increased by around 80% since 2005. Working remotely can be an especially ideal scenario as a mom. Working remotely means you get to be home with your kids, but also earn a steady income.

While the thought of being home with your kids while earning money in the comfort of your living room is very appealing, working and parenting from home can be a little tricky to balance. Here are five tips for making the most of working from home as a mom:

Set a Work Schedule

As a mom, there are always a million things you could or should be doing. Unless you set a work schedule for yourself, it is way too tempting to keep putting off work while you instead do "one more" load of laundry or run another errand. If you know that you work from this time to this time every day, you are much more likely to actually sit down and get to work.

On the flip side, having a schedule can also help prevent working too much and getting burned out. Knowing that your work day ends at 3 pm, for example, means that starting at 3 pm you can dedicate yourself to your family or leisure activities without feeling guilty.

Pay for Childcare

It may seem counterintuitive to pay for childcare when you have the ability to be home with your kids for free. But paying for childcare, perhaps a couple afternoons a week, is a valuable gift to both you and your child. You get blocks of time to work and be productive without constantly being interrupted or feeling guilty for not paying attention to your child. And your child gets out of the house for much needed socialization, learning, and fun.

You may find that the childcare quickly pays for itself in increased productivity and earnings.  

Take Advantage of Nap Times

Fitting as much work into nap times as possible is a great way to maximize your efficiency. In particular, it's a great idea to save work that requires quiet for when your children are napping — whether it's a task that requires a lot of concentration, or you have business phone calls to return. You will feel less flustered about your children needing your attention while you're working if you know that nap time is coming up.

Create a Designated Work Space

Instead of working on the couch or at a cluttered kitchen table, set aside a designated work space. This may be an entire office, or just a small desk set into an unused nook or corner of your home. It's much easier to get down to business and remain focused when you have a space set aside just for that purpose. It will also signal to your kids and spouse that you are working and help discourage them from interrupting.

Get Adult Time Outside of the House

While being able to work from home is a great convenience, it's also possible to overdo it and spend too much time at home, especially when you have small children. For the sake of your sanity, be sure to stay connected to the adult world outside of your home. Whether it's getting childcare one night a week so you can go on a date with your honey, or simply grabbing coffee and chit-chatting with other moms once in a while, getting out will leave you feeling energized and recharged.

By following these tips, you should be able to easily navigate your role as a telecommuting mom. Check out sites like for more information.


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