Restoring My Complexion

Restoring My Complexion

5 Unique Ways To Spread Ashes Through Nature

by Dylan Owens

Many people spend their lives with a connection to nature. When a loved one passes, you can honor their love of nature by creating memorial spots for the person. These memorial spots are made a lot easier if a loved one has chosen cremation. The ashes can be spread at multiple locations in honor of the person who has passed.

There are numerous possibilities for spreading ashes through nature. Consider one of the unique options below whether your loved one enjoyed the land, sea, or even outer space.

Letter Boxing Memorial

Letter Boxing is a traditional hiking activity where nature lovers go through trails and mountains to find hidden boxes among the nature. Inside the box is a log and rubber stamp so people can keep track of their adventures. It's easy to create your own memorial letter box location with the cremation ashes that you have.

  • Location: Choose a location that was special to the loved one. This could be a favorite hiking trail or the summit of a small mountain. Bury some of the ashes directly where you will place the letter box.
  • Letter Box: Place a sealed plastic box at the spot of the location. You can leave a small printed paper with a story about the memorial and who the letter box is donated to.
  • Stamp: Choose a stamp to leave in the box for guests. For example, if the person who passed away loved birds then you can purchase a nice bird rubber stamp. It's also a good idea to leave a small stamp pad in the box.
  • Letter Box Registration: Use websites like to officially list your letter box location. Give clues so that hikers can find the box and leave their own stamps and memories.

Cremation Shells

Spreading ashes on a body of water is a popular tradition, but often the ashes just float and will not sink to the bottom. Whether you want to spread ashes through salt water, fresh water, or a river, there are ideal solutions.

Cremation shells can store ashes and sink safely to the bottom of water. Once there, the shell will evaporate and the ashes will rest peacefully at the bottom. It streamlines the process and adds a more elegant look to your memorial service on the water.

Potted Evergreen Tree

Spreading ashes is often saved for holidays to make them more special. Around Christmas you can create a memorial that will last for years to come. By purchasing a potted evergreen tree, you can bury the ashes directly with the root of the tree. The tree can then be decorated for Christmas and buried outside following the holiday.

Each year, a small memorial can be held as the tree grows and flourishes. It will always remain a memorial to your loved one.

National Park Ash Spreading

National Parks all around the United States serve as an ideal spot to bury and spread ashes. If you're doing this practice, do it legally through a proper permit. By visiting a national park office or writing a letter, you can easily obtain a permit to spread the ashes. Regulations vary by park, but the spreading of ashes often must occur off main trails, away from water areas, and over large areas.

Space Launches

If your loved one loved outer space, then you can actually send some of the remains on a rocket ship and into the sky. A launch typically occurs every year through multiple programs and there are different options to choose from. Not only can you see the ashes get packed onto the rocket, but you can view the launch in person. Rockets can launch into space and return to Earth, permanently orbit the Earth, or launch into deep space past the Moon and other objects in the galaxy.

Consult with other family members to decide on the best method for honoring a loved one and sticking with a nature theme.


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